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For Free Anonymous Proxies. ASG has came up with 2 solutions

Hot Spot Shield and Hide My Ass. Both are 2 different companies. Hot Spot Shield is a program you install on your computer and turn it on to encrypt your connection automatically and put you behind a proxy. Hide My Ass is a list of free Proxy Servers that you can use for anything like web browsing or downloading. Hide My Ass offers a list of very fast servers if needed. ASG has tested both services and found them to be very reliable. Below is the information about Hot Spot Shield. Click here to jump to the information about Hide My Ass.

HotSpot Shield - a Free, Fast, Anonymous Proxy

For Windows and MAC

ASG recommends using HotSpot Shield for a free fast anonymous proxy. HotSpot Shield is a program that Hides your Internet Surfing from your ISP, Hackers and Snoopers alike . When you turn on HotSpot Shield your encrypting and hiding your web browsing activities like the websites you visit, instant messages, downloads, credit card information or anything else you send or download from the internet.

If your in a Coffee Shop, School or even Work using the internet you no longer need to worry about someone recording or seeing what your doing online. HotSpot Shield encrypts your connection going from your PC to HotSpot Shields computers. Then you're actually surfing the internet using HotSpot Shields Internet service, and no one knows who you are.

Your internet speed will not slow down to a crawl either, its stays Fast and Snappy.

Having the ability to quickly and easily turn on or off HotSpot Shield is a dream. Anytime you want to hide what your doing online. It takes less than 5 seconds to turn on HotSpot Shield and continue surfing the web like normal. Then if you want to turn off HotSpot Shield, just 2 clicks and your computer is back to normal.

HotSpot Shield is completely Free and does not offer a paid version. In order to cover cost, you will see Ad's just like you do when you surf the internet normally. When you are surfing on Hotspot Shield you will see an Ad on the top of every webpage you visit. The Ad's do not affect the webpages you visit.

Go to HotSpot Shield Website

Read More and Download


To Start Hotspot Shield. Right click on the Icon in your task bar (it looks like a yellow or green shield). A menu should appear with the option to Connect. Click Connect.

To Stop Hotspot Shield. Right click on the Icon in your task bar (it looks like a yellow or green shield). A menu should appear with the option to Disconnect. Click Disconnect.

How do I know I am Connected:

If you are connected. Your Hotspot Shield Icon in your task bar will be Green. Yellow means your disconnected.

How can I test to know its working?

Go to www.whatismyip.com and it will tell you your computers IP Address. Write it down, then Disconnect Hotspot Shield and reopen your web browser. Then go to www.whatismyip.com again and your IP Address will be different. The reason is that when you are connected to Hotspot Shield, all of your Internet traffic is now hidden and sent through Hotspot Shields servers.

Hide My Ass - Free, Fast, Anonymous Proxy Server Listings

ASG recommends Hide My Ass for an always up to date listing of proxy servers. Including HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS 4/5 proxy servers. The list is updated by the minute with the server status. You can sort the list to show your preferred types of proxy servers and location of proxy servers making it easy to find the right one. Always a fast good connection for use in any conditions.

You can use these proxy servers for anything like web browser or downloading.

Link to Proxy List - www.hidemyass.com/proxy-list

Link to Hide My Ass Website - www.hidemyass.com

*ASG is not affiliated with HotSpot Shield or Hide My Ass in any way. ASG has only tested and approved the respected companies products for use.

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